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The urgent need for time relief for caregivers combined with improved data availability cannot be overstated. By providing caregivers with valuable additional time and alleviating work pressure, the Amnexis solution leads to the ability to take on more patients and allocate more care time to them. During times of high staff turnover, the Amnexis solution supports staff retention and contributes to the profitability of your business.

Nursing Homes


Our aim is to maximize patient time with your existing staff, enabling you to optimize processes, minimize errors, and enhance the overall outcome. Our AI-powered solution provides triaging and diagnostic support, available anytime and anywhere. The outcome is improved quality in patient treatment and care, ultimately leading to enhanced patient safety and patient experience.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

We aim to simplify the process of caring for residents and providing them with your utmost attention. We provide you with the necessary space and extra time required. By utilizing our virtual assistant, you will have more time at your disposal, bolstered by our self-learning AI technology, enabling faster and more dependable risk detection, reporting, and monitoring. The assistant also facilitates real-time communication with your colleagues and offers direct, contactless communication with doctors, relatives, and visitors, thereby saving you time and effort.

General Practioners

General Practioners

Our virtual assistant allows you to give undivided attention to your patients, enabling you to maintain eye contact while recording patient data hands-free. Our AI-powered triaging and diagnosis suggestions guide you through the process, but you of course have the final verdict. Our E-assistant takes over to facilitate real-time documentation, reminds you of pending patient interaction,  to obtain necessary patient consents, and offers optional direct communication through push messages with patients and their relatives. This communication channel also allows you to share medical records, lab results, and invoices with your patients as needed, and of course allows you to stay in regular touch with your patients for appointment reminders.

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AMNEXIS addresses the global nursing shortage by combining mobile technology with speech recognition and artificial intelligence, providing medical staff with an efficient real time tool to record, document and access patient data as well as diagnostic support, in a fraction of the time previously spent; optionally handsfree and available in all languages for the user. All data is being translated by the virtual assistant and stored in the local language of the healthcare facility.

The outcome: more time for medical staff , hence more time for patient treatment, patient care and also more patient safety. And of course substantial efficiency gains for the healthcare provider, leading to more profitability.



  • More care and treatment capacity from existing staff, up to 25% increase

  • More patient attention

  • Better patient experience

  • More patient safety

  • Greater data depths

  • Data availability in real time and faster reaction times

  • Improved protection against litigation

  • Improved quality of documentation

  • Better job safety and more job satisfaction

  • Better staff retention

  • Improved means of communication in real time

  • Better proof of compliance

  • Improvement of earnings

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