Our Mission

We want medical staff to be able to have more time to dedicate to their primary role of patient care and patient treatment.


Core Technology

By integrating our proprietary algorithms for artificial intelligence with speech recognition, translation modules, and mobile hardware, we strive to deliver real-time user benefits at their highest potential.

Our Approach

We prioritize active listening to healthcare professionals. We comprehend your workflows and daily obstacles, understanding the areas where we can assist you in gaining additional time for patient care and treatment. Our solution aims to significantly decrease the time spent on patient documentation and data retrieval, potentially reducing it by up to 50%. This time saved benefits both you and your patients.

Global Market

Our solution addresses a major challenge faced by the healthcare sector all over the world. This is why we are committed to building a global business.


Combining Speech Recognition and AI

Our innovative solution places significant emphasis on Speech Recognition as a pivotal component. Our AI-powered system is capable of self-learning and continuous optimization. By harnessing the power of both AI and leveraging speech recognition technology, healthcare professionals can efficiently handle data, freeing up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on documentation. The Amnexis Virtual Assistant, known as “EVA,” further enhances this support as a fully dynamic mobile tool for care and treatment activities, with reminder and alarm functionalities. This comprehensive assistance not only reduces stress but also enables healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to their patients. This leads to more quality and depth of generated patient data, improving the overall quality of care and leading to more patient safety.



We are enabling you to become fully digital.



Highest Data Security through double encryption.

 How It Works:

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Handsfree patient documentation in realtime


Processing of speech files

AI Cloud

Triaging support and text suggestions

Doctor and nurse

Quality control and seamless integration with existing systems

Our solutions are highly innovative, user-friendly, and aim to enhance both your working conditions and patience experience.

Our Partners :


Enterprise Ireland
Marc Anton
Bintel Inc
TU Berlin
Pflegedienst Mittermaier
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
nFocus Testing

Amnexis enables us to have a truly digital work environment, helping us to save valuable admin time for patients!”

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