Our Mission

We want healthcare professionals to be able to have the time to do what they signed up for, namely caring for patients.


Core Technology

We use proprietary algorithms for our AI and speech-recognition technology, supported by our own developed hardware for maximum user benefits.

Our Approach

Our users benefit from additional time for better patient care. Our solution will help to reduce time spent on patient documentation by up to 50%.

Global Market

Our solution addresses a major challenge faced by the healthcare sector all over the world. This is why we are committed to building a global business.


Combining Speech Recognition and AI

Speech Recognition is a key element which our innovative solution is built upon. Our system uses AI, is self-learning and constantly optimizes itself. This means that healthcare professionals can focus on patients, rather than spend too much time on documentation. The Amnexis E-Assistant with numerous reminder functions is true support and helps reduce stress, allowing more time with patients and most importantly increasing the quality of care provided.



We are enabling you to become fully digital.



Highest Data Security through double encryption.



We use our own proprietary AI and ML to optimize user experience and improve speech-recognition in our mobile apps.

 How It Works:

Patlog Speech thumbnail

Handsfree patient documentation in realtime


Processing of speech files

AI Cloud

Text suggestions from the AI-based database

Doctor and nurse

Quality control and writing back into HIS

Our solutions are ground breaking, digital and sustainable, focusing on generating time savings

Our Partners :


Enterprise Ireland
Marc Anton
Bintel Inc
TU Berlin
Pflegedienst Mittermaier
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
nFocus Testing

Amnexis enables us to have a truly digital work environment, …….helping us to save valuable admin time for patients!”

Implementing Amnexis has resulted in us getting lots of time back to do actual work again, looking after our patients. This modern and mobile solution will revolutionize the way in which healthcare professionals handle documentation, saving them time which can be spent giving more attention to patient treatment and care !

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